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🔥Fire Tornadoes & Other STRANGE FIRE ANOMALIES in Cali – DEWs?🔥

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from HighImpactVlogs:


🔥Fire Tornadoes & Other STRANGE FIRE ANOMALIES in Cali – DEWs?🔥


There are fire tornadoes, the fires jumped the Sacramento River, Houses are reduced to piles of ash, cars are melted and yet, the trees that surrounded these destroyed houses and cars are still standing…many of them untouched.


Many in California are Losing EVERYTHING Right NOW!

A wildfire near Redding, California that has destroyed more than 500 structures and killed two people is spreading partly through weather of its own making. The National Weather Service reports the fire is “plume dominated,” a type of fire that spreads itself. Among the weather features created by the fire: clouds, strong winds and even tornadic activity.

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