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Deborah Tavares: 5G Genocide Nightmare

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Deborah Tavares: 5G Genocide Nightmare


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  1. snoop4truth

    May 15, 2019 at 12:07 pm

    Deborah Tavares supports her claims (above) withdocuments.

    But, there are things about these documents that you should know.

    Deborah Tavares actually FORGES these documents to support her claims
    (Forged PG&E Email Hoax, Judge DALE Forgeries Hoax, etc.).

    Other times, Deborah Tavares ALTERS and CHANGES the words of real documents to make them fit her claims (Court Registry Investment Systems Hoax, FAKE Jim Traficant Speech Hoax, All Governments Are Private, For-Profit Corporations Hoax, etc.).

    Still other times, Deborah Tavares MISREPRESENTS what these documents
    actually say to make them appear to support her claims (Agenda 21
    Document, NASA War Document, Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars , Genocide
    Agreement, etc.).

    Finally, Deborah Tavares takes documents of well-known POLITICAL FICTION and PASSES THEM OFF as “REAL”, official documents to support her claims (Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, Report From Iron Mountain,

    See proof below.

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