Qanon – OHOUR1 and UNIRock Team up to Block Bill Smith on Twitter (Stories Un-ravelling)

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from Bill Smith:

Qanon – OHOUR1 and UNIRock Team up to Block Bill Smith on Twitter (Stories Un-ravelling)


Looking for Qanon post updates? Don’t look to 0HOUR1 or UniRock. They are now ACTIVELY working to DISCREDIT the movement.

What they fail to understand is – there is no stopping this. Remember who said what, because in 2-3 weeks these accounts are going to start back peddling. So REMEMBER what is being said right now.

I’m no cultist. That’s not news to you if you’ve been on my channel since the beginning. I really don’t care if Qanon is CTBS or not. They were RIGHT about TOO MUCH STUFF.

The posts gave me lots of opportunities to introduce deep subject matter. Remember RUTH BADER GINSBURG??

So now that’s not valid? This was all about AD REVENUE??? ok.

Think for yourself.
Who has the most to lose in this conversation?
Who has been caught lying before?
Who is OHOUR1 working on behalf of?

I’ll save you some time… ITS INFOWARS!!

Also – I still want to be friends. UNIROCK blocked me. Not the other way around. I didn’t start this.

But you better believe..and you know I’m right when I say this..

I will finish it.

UNIROCK: what gives? why did you block me and try to shut me out of the conversation? What are you so worried about? Why do people have to blindly agree with you? Present a stronger argument and people will follow. Otherwise, I have to keep doing this to keep everybody honest, and I don’t want to be the bad guy. Let’s put this behind us and have a chat. Convince me and I’ll convince others. It’s that simple.


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