Q Anon on Anthony Weiner: Unsealed Indictment – Insurance File

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from Black Conservative Patriot:

Q Anon on Anthony Weiner: Unsealed Indictment, Insurance File,Strzyok, Hodgman, Mueller, Giuliani


Twitter: @Black_C_Patriot Instagram/Facebook: @Black.Conservative.Patriot Q Verified that the Unsealed Anthony Weiner Indictment floating around the internet is the real deal. So, I took the time to go back and look at the times and places that Anthony Weiner and the “Insurance File” are mentioned in the Q Drops. I found that though there aren’t many mentions, the whole topic of the Weiner Laptop was brought up again by Q within the last month after MONTHS of not being mentioned! Coincidence? Also, Weiner is often brought up when talking about Peter Strzoyk and his wife Melisa Hodgman. This is a quick look at those connections.


YouTubers Decoding Q:………


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