I Am The Face of Truth Meet Up 2018 – Christopher Bollyn

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from I Am The Face of Truth:


I Am The Face of Truth Meet Up 2018 – Presentation by Christopher Bollyn


This video is from our very first I Am Face of the Truth conference held on March 3rd, 2018 in Orlando Florida. It was hosted by Ivana Maria as MC…Mike Arnold…Trina Maria…Claudio Marty the founder of the Face of the Truth Movement with special guest speaker Christopher Bollyn. The event was the first of its kind for the movement with many more State Advocate Conferences to be held in the near future. Please enjoy the presentation and join us in making our fight for a better humanity. I Am The Face of Truth Meet Up 2018 – Part 1 – Presentation by Claudio Marty – https://youtu.be/dZA0HTon6pY

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