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Bill Cooper tells the TRUTH about Christ & the Church

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from A Graceful Watchman:

Bill Cooper tells the TRUTH about Christ & the Church


“Many great ideas have been lost because the people who had them could not stand being laughed at.” – Anonymous

“Anybody listening to me will realize that these are indeed Historic Broadcast’s and by making them I have sealed my fate” – Bill Cooper

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  1. cloudy

    May 11, 2018 at 4:46 pm

    There is NO such thing as Benevolence within Malevolence. When “The Church of Christianity” is started by One individual after “Robbing Peter”, it is par for the course that “Christian Nations”, without one single exception, are steeply mired into Genderisms, aka “Sexism”, or, “Slimy-Bodies-or-Bust”. Like “Others”, “Christians” are unable [in General] to absolutely separate Fact/Reality from Fiction/Relativity. This happens when Intelligence lacks Wisdom. When Knowledge is all about Ownership/Judgemental Issue instead of being A Part of The Truth. The Moment when Truth is merely for owning and NOT for becoming/being. NOT when there is NO such thing.

    Without one single exception, The Christian Nations are anti-Swastika, The Swastika being “The Proto-Jesus-Christ”, aka The Power of Wisdom. One of The Powers/Aspects of Wisdom is Innocence and The Lack of Innocence is what The anti-Swastika Krowd” wants to realise. Witness, therefore, how “The Christian Nations”, without one single exception, are steeply into Slimy Bodies, Sexism, and that biggy, Prono-or-Bust. No wonder one of Jesus Christ’s tenet is Lose your Vision after Losing your Chastity. Yes, Sweets, that Slimy Thangy is soo undeniable. More so when said Thangy is Same-Sexiness Running-Amok. You know, when “Adopting Kiddies” is preferred to procreating “Children”/Innocence.

    Being An Illiterate, Mohammed did NOT wrote The Koran, said Koran being written/complied by SomeBody Else. You know, those who imagine that Chastity, aka Wisdom-in-progress, is ONLY applicable to Women. When Blind-Blindedness is self-certified as 20-20 Vision, you know A Joke is Running Amok. After all, Mohammed advised “Surrender” your Insanity but got The Vast Majority to Surrender their Sanity instead. “The Christian Nations” might self-certify as being “The Democratised Nations”, but NOT when the ONLY democracy The Democraticos practised is Wild & Wantoness Running Amok. In addition to Expecting-Demanding that “Others” follow suit. Yes, somehow but don’t know how, there has to A Joke Running Amok in there somewhere.

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