What Ancient Civilization KNEW about The Universe & Cosmos Will SHOCK You

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from Bright Insight:

What Ancient Civilization KNEW about The Universe & Cosmos Will SHOCK You


The truth is stranger than fiction…and there is significant reason to suggest that the ancient civilization’s were aware of incredible cosmic coincidences found within our own solar system. In this video I connect the dots on fascinating details involving the cosmos, that are largely left out of academic teachings – and thus virtually unknown to the masses.

Be sure to check out the brilliant work of Randall Carlson, which includes details on the Great Pyramid relating to the size of Earth, Cosmic Patterns, Sacred Geometry, and his work on various global cataclysms:

Subscribe to his channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYG8…
Website: http://sacredgeometryinternational.com/

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  1. cloudy

    April 27, 2018 at 6:22 am

    108 is A VERY AUSPICIOUS number, Auspiciousness being that of Absolute/Real Wealth, aka Spiritual Wealth. Those who are able to “feel”/realise The “Vibrations”/Chaitanya, will be able to realise that by merely mentioning “108” will make “The Kundalini” Rise. But then, Reality being “Of Self”, how will ANYONE ELSE be able to realise so, except to blindly/”religiously” believing so?

    There is NO such thing as ANCIENT Civilisation except being able to realise The Spiritual, the lacking thereof being that The-Material, then, becomes The Be-All, End-All.

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