There’s something strange going on with Dating Apps. Call to Action.

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from Titus Frost 1984:

There is something strange going on with Dating Apps. This is a Call to Action.


So I was just emailed today by an Anonymous informant with a bunch of screen shots of accounts on multiple mainstream dating websites like tinder and match for two examples, that are using those sites to sell children, normally their own children. This MUST be stopped.

Things to look for:

1. Accounts that post lots of images of their kids on the actual dating site, normally in compromising poses or with known pedophile symbolism, see PizzaGate.

2. Satanic Symbols, lots of these accounts had blatant satanic symbolism in their associated social media accounts.

3. They run a private Instagram account, this is done for a reason, once you can see their photos, you need to immediately turn these people into the proper authorities if they are posting illicit images or advertising kids for sale.

I need researchers to hit this up, try to appear affluent, and as soon as you get hard evidence against someone turn it into the FBI and NCMEC. See the HoneyBee’s video on how to report these people.

Happy Hunting, let’s get these sickos.

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