Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mind Control in 80’s Pop Music — Mark Devlin

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from New Horizons EXTRA:

Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mind Control in 80’s Pop Music [Mark Devlin – Musical Truth 2]


The “Musical Truth 2 Book” Tour: Music as Mind Control Following on from his previous, exceptional presentations, DJ and author/ researcher Mark Devlin continues his disclosures about the music industry. This segment, from a full two hour presentation, takes a look at the seemingly innocent music and artistes of the 1980s… they were NOT as innocent as they appeared… In his groundbreaking book ‘Musical Truth,’ Mark showed how the true nature of the corporate music industry tells a very different story to what’s conveyed on its glossy, glamorous surface.

Mark’s new talk, available in full from: contains content from the newly-released follow-up, Volume 2, where he continues to guide readers through the dark labyrinth of musical machinations. Discover the world of Lifetime Actors and the crucial part they play in social engineering; reflect on the nature of sound itself and the ways it can be used to affect human behaviour; and study the striking parallels between the 1960s counter-culture and the UK’s Acid House scene that kicked off 21 years later, all bearing the hallmarks of Establishment manipulation. Crucially, Volume 2 reminds readers of how the music industry’s activities form only one small part of what’s really going on in this reality, and how the power to bring it all to an end lies with us and us alone. It always has. We’ve just been programmed to forget.

Author biography: Mark Devlin is a UK-based club and radio DJ, music journalist and author. As a DJ, he has played gigs in over 40 different countries.