Q: Ray Chandler & Eminem, Did D12 Rapper PROOF Face MS13 Hit Job?

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from Bill Smith:

QANON – Ray Chandler and Eminem, Did D12 Rapper PROOF Face an MS 13 Hit Job??


Why is E so vocal against POTUS? Biggest connection missing. Focus on friends (2). (1) F (1) M (1) Presidential pardon. (1) 187 MS_13 Purpose. Q RESEARCH DOC HERE:…
Qanons posts seems to be suggesting that 2 fiends of Eminem are worth taking a look at: 1 is a woman who got a Presidential pardon? 1 is a man who got killed by an MS13 hit job?
Eminem Being VOCAL towards POTUS:…
Slain rapper Proof sparked Eminem’s career:…
List of Obama Pardons (is there a woman on this list that links to Eminem??):…

More from Bill…

QANON – Ray.Chandler and #carisjames from PIZZAGATE (It means “Little St James” aka: PEDO ISLAND

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