The Real Reason Why Victurus Libertas Was Terminated

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from Victurus Libertas:

The Real Reason Why Victurus Libertas Was Terminated


We now know the real reason why VL was targeted and dealt with so severely. The truth is, there is a group of folks you are not allowed to criticize. I never did believe it until I started witnessing it with my own eyes. Why they say VL Was Terminated – https://www.bitchute.com/video/Fgz3i0…



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  1. JennyG

    March 5, 2018 at 11:05 am

    Against Our Better Judgment: The hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel

    [chap. 2]

    Political Zionism in the U.S.

    From early on Zionists actively pushed their agenda in the media. One Zionist organizer proudly proclaimed in 1912 “the zealous and incessant propaganda which is carried on by countless societies.” The Yiddish press from a very early period espoused the Zionist cause. By 1923 every New York Yiddish newspaper except one was Zionist. Yiddish dailies reached 535,000 families in 1927.[24]

    [chap. 7]


    Zionists manufacture Christian support

    AZEC formed another group among clergymen, the Christian Council on Palestine. An internal AZEC memo stated that the aim of both groups was to “crystallize the sympathy of Christian America for our cause.”[166]

    By the end of World War II the Christian Council on Palestine had grown to 3,000 members and the American Palestine Committee boasted a membership of 6,500 public figures, including senators, congressmen, cabinet members, governors, state officers, mayors, jurists, clergymen, educators, writers, publishers, and civic and industrial leaders.

    Historian Richard Stevens explains that Christian support was largely gained by exploiting their wish to help people in need. Steven writes that Zionists would proclaim “the tragic plight of refugees fleeing from persecution and finding no home,” thus linking the refugee problem with Palestine as allegedly the only solution.[167]

    Stevens writes that the reason for this strategy was clear: “…while many Americans might not support the creation of a Jewish state, traditional American humanitarianism could be exploited in favor of the Zionist cause through the refugee problems.”[168]



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