Let’s Talk About Flat Earth w/ Marty Leeds

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from The System is Down:

Let’s Talk About Flat Earth w. Marty Leeds – The System is Down


Yep. We’re doing it. Today we touch the untouchable topic, so let the name calling and unsubscribing begin!

I started this podcast to talk about uncomfortable topics, so when there’s a controversial theory like Flat Earth, that people specifically told me I shouldn’t do an episode about, guess what I’m going to do…. I’m going to hit up the great Marty Leeds and talk about Flat Earth, how it works, and why everyone is so afraid of it.

I greatly enjoyed this conversation and this theory. Marty does an excellent job at breaking things down and presenting the evidence in an easy to understand way. So, don’t write this episode off just on the premise. Unzip your systematic downer minds and enjoy my wild Flat Earth discussion with Marty Leeds. Let’s get weird!

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