Black Panther, Red Sparrow, & “Hackers” Symbolism Esoteric Hollywood — Jay Dyer

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from Jay Dyer:

Black Panther, Red Sparrow, & “Hackers” Symbolism Esoteric Hollywood Live Stream – Jay Dyer


Today’s livestream will cover an odd assortment of films, namely the recent anti-Russian propaganda piece, Red Sparrow starring Katniss as a honeytrap hoe. With nods to Russian versions of MK ULTRA, the story centers around the NKVD style creation of sex operatives at work in the “new Cold War” between the “free” west and “evil” Russia. “Noble” CIA operatives square off against perverse Putin-looking Russkies in this laughable portrayal. Then, we look to something absurd but relevant, the 90s Hackers, where Jolie was beginning her spy game, in a laughable film about ancient, fat minidisc playing mini-laptops that can take down New York City – video game style: bonus points for this movie mentioning the “new world order” and flashing the all-seeing eye. Then, we whizz on over via UFrO to Wakanda to cover Blak Pantha. Esoteric Hollywood in full effect.


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