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Shocking MYSTERY: Hundreds of Trees Fall in Seconds!

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from On Point Preparedness:

SHOCKING Mystery: Something Obliterated Hundreds of Forest Trees in Seconds!


The strange earth events continue…



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  1. Franklin LaVoie

    February 13, 2018 at 10:13 am

    Without seeing an areal view of the treefall pattern, it’s very difficult to make an educated guess as to what knocked down so many trees? Likely candidates would include: titanic wind sheer dropping suddenly from the upper atmosphere, but we would expect a tornado spotting; earthquake dislodging the roots of trees along a faultline, but we would expect geologists to weigh in about this; diseased roots combined with a high wind event, but we would expect evidence of root rot; a meteorite exploding in the atmosphere, but we would expect a radial pattern of fallen trees. Then there are conspiratorial possibilities, like underground tunneling disrupting something; and energy weapons, as mentioned. Then there’s supernatural explanations…like the trees are committing suicide because they are protesting the aggressive cancer we euphemistically refer to as human civilization.

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