“George Bush, Election Hacking, 5G, and Space X”

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from Quite Frankly:

“George Bush, Election Hacking, 5G, and Space X” 2/8/18


Tonight’s going to be a great one. I can feel it in my PLUMS. Rob Corrado is back on board or another Thursday night broadcast and we have to jump right in. George W Bush made some statements overseas about the sanctity of our elections and the Russian threat we face; Space X’s latest launch has caught most people in a state of Wonder and Awe, but has already triggered a string of Hoax theories. Finally we get to open up the floor to some talks about 5G technology, which seems like an inevitability. How can it be used for good? How can it be used for evil? How will its very presence affect humans and every other living being on earth? This will be fun.


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