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For months SCAG has been going through their regional transportation plan (RTP). The RTP is the general plan for the county region of Southern California. Almost everybody is oblivious to the existence of SCAG yet they meet in the middle of the week in the morning to pass a plan that will affect 18 million people and will cost those people 540 billion directly out of their pocket. Today, we learned where all the financing is coming from to pay for this plan and finding out that piece of information makes this plan about 10 times worse. I have waited a long time to do this.

I found out some time back that this body that most people have never even heard of intends to spend half a trillion dollars on a single plan. This is not getting paid for at the city council level. This plan is to put everyone out of their cars and onto bikes, buses, and trains. There is no arguing that this entity wants us out of our cars. Last year the state of California tried to pass Senate Bill 350 which would cut all gasoline sold in the state by 50% No gas means no cars. THANKFULLY, that bill has completely failed. SCAG’s own numbers state that 95% of the population is driving around in cars which means the vast majority of people wouldn’t like this plan to begin with. But most people don’t even realize this is occurring. This is criminal. This whole plan is based on lies. The phony science of global warming and climate change. Carbon Dioxide is not a dangerous pollutant. If you believe in God, you know that it’s not possible for CO2 to be bad for the planet. Plants need CO2 to live. We are told that the millennials are just dying to live in tiny apartments, not drive, and hang out in parks all day. It’s time for a wake up call. Everything being presented to us is social engineering and propaganda. This is an LA times article that was published just a few days ago. Here’s what it says about the drought. “The best weapon against water shortages in the future is a sensation of crisis today.” This is all propaganda and social engineering. All half trillion of it. I went to a meeting a few months ago and I recorded Alan Wapner refer to the Regional Transportation Plan as the CENTRAL PLAN of Southern California. CENTRAL PLAN. He admits it. This is central planning. Central Planning is Communism. Mao’s China, Stalin’s Russia did these 5 year, 10 year, 20 year plans and here we are engaging in the same behavior. America was not planned. America exploded into being out of a revolution. America didn’t become great because it was planned. America became great because it was free and all this planning puts everyone in a box literally and figuratively. To show you that this is communism the other day the LA Times published this article that actually says the millennials want to live like communists and then this article referred to this concept as sustainable communities which is what this plan is based on. Don’t approve this communist central plan. We don’t need to change California into a smart slave grid and don’t need another half trillion on the debt.

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