This Is Now A Global Event… [FLU BIOWEAPON?]

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from secureteam10:

FLU PANDEMIC: This Is Now A Global Event…


Coordinates:”76.789200,157.972722″ Texas lights: Australia UFO:


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  1. Alan Christensen

    January 29, 2018 at 10:34 pm

    Aye, the news on the internet says : Do Not Get Any Vaccine(shot)@ all!
    Rothschild’s are funding this deadly Bio-flu thru Bad Military labs using Chemtrails to infect everyone! Good ETs are trying to make these virus’s inert. Some are already infected (as you were)Drink lots of water to flush out, and rest alot. I repeat, DO NOT GET FLU SHOT, will make it worse. It is Bio-Engineered Military Virus Strain made to get worse with time,is very(Deadly)No Antidote available as of yet! Do Not over tax your system, get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids (water).

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