Charles Ortel – Hey Clintons, You’ve Got Jail!

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from Jason Goodman:

Sunday with Charles Ortel – You’ve Got Jail


It’s zero hour for the Clintons, time to expose their global Clinton Foundation crimes.



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  1. Carolyn Wilfred

    January 12, 2018 at 8:41 am

    My husband, Harmon Wilfred, a former CIA financial contractor (asset) during the Clinton administration, blew the whistle to the US Justice Department in the year 2000 to no avail on the Clinton’s involvement with the CIA in the illegal laundering of BILLIONS of dollars. Harmon perseveres in his effort to make his extensive evidence available to the US Justice Department, while we continue to be maltreated by the New Zealand government in collusion with the United States. Harmon is currently stateless, exiled in New Zealand, and forcibly separated from me, his wife of 20 years, by New Zealand Immigration for 2 years 4 months…and counting. Please see links below:

    The CIA/Clinton Covert Money Laundering Connection: http://c1412.paas2.tx.modxcloud.com/assets/files/pdfs/CIA%20Clinton%20Money%20Laundering.pdf

    His personal website with more information is: http://www.luminadiem.com

    Please contact him to follow the REAL MONEY behind the Clinton Foundation!
    He can be directly reached in NZ on our Toronto freephone # 416 342-6061.
    Email: harmon@harmonwilfred.com

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