USA, Israel & Saudi Arabia Prepping for Zionist War With Iran

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from End Times News Report:

USA, Israel & Saudi Arabia Prepping for Zionist War With Iran


War with Iran is inevitable. The Zionist puppet masters have been trying for years to start a war with Iran and that reality has never been closer than it is today. The USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia are all making coordinated moves in preparation for a major war.


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  1. TimeToWakeUPHumanity

    December 11, 2017 at 11:14 am

    With regard to Trump’s recent endorsement of modern-day “Jerusalem” as Capitol of “Israel”:

    NEWSFLASH: Edinburgh, Scotland currently sits on the site that was (Old
    Testament-era) ancient JERUSALEM. Please, study (ancient) HISTORY.
    CONSPIRACY, by Comyns Beaumont. He provides extensive & detailed
    & STUNNING! (geographical and other) EVIDENCES that E.din-burgh/Eden-burgh, Scotland is JERUSALEM of the Old Testament. (The Old Testament contains a partial record of the pre-historic period often described as “Atlantis”. What did the ancient Sumerians/Cimmerians call the original earthly paradise? They called it E.din or Eden. NOTHING in the Near or Middle East conforms to the geography described in ancient historical accounts. Modern-day Britain does. Read THE BALTIC ORIGINS OF HOMER’S EPIC TALES, by Italian Engineer, Felice Vinci).

    It was Roman Emperor Constantine I, who was responsible for the deception, moving the Old Testament-era events which occurred originally in Scotland, and England, to the Near East, after he moved, himself, from Rome to Istanbul, and renamed it CONSTANTINOPLE.

    90% of those who, today, call themselves “Jews” are descended from Eastern European YIDDISH-speakers, whose more ancient ancestors hailed from KHAZARIA. Read THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE, by researcher & author Arthur
    Koestler. Question: What does YIDDISH have to do with the ancient
    Hebrew language?

    ZION-ist-Rothschild-“Israel” was established FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, EVER, IN HISTORY, in 1948 AD. Before that, it was ALWAYS PALESTINE, and it ALWAYS BELONGED TO PALESTINIANS. ZION-ism is a RACIST, SUPREMACIST ideology adopted by an arguably large percentage of those who call themselves “Jews”. Roman Emperor Constantine I has deceived the world, for now over 1,600 years, into thinking that modern-day PALESTINE, is where the events of the Old Testament, and New, actually occurred. They did not. They occurred in the land, that we today call Britain ~ specifically, Scotland and England.

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