Innocence Lost in the Shameful Shadows: HOLLYWOOD PEDOGATE

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from Sarah Westall:

Innocence Lost in the Shameful Shadows: The Powerful, Politicians, Hollywood – Part 1


Part 1: Child Pedophilia and Satanic Abuse Survivor joins the program to give detail accounts of what actually happens in the shameful shadows. He describes his interaction with the powerful elite, politicians, and the hollywood rich and famous. The dots between the Pizzagate activities, symbols, and the Wikileak emails are connected for listeners. Very young children are victims every day in the shameful shadows, innocence lost. WARNING: This video is for mature audiences only.


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  1. Dr. Michael Timlin

    December 27, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    Listened to both Parts. Naivete expressed hard to fathom…Scott as Victim cared for other victims in the throes of his own trauma. Only word for it: LOVE. So many Victims have so Much To Teach… NO DIFFERENCE between true Pedophiles, and the predatory followers of Satan and/or Lucifer, excepting how far up in the hierarchy the former are allowed to go by the latter; e.g.: old lady McMartin ran a powerful Satanic group, in at least 6 different So. Cal. cities. (porn, code molestation, code rape/sodomy, code unrelenting torture, code torture/murder.) It’s only a meaningless matter of extent. TPTB, Governments, CPS Perpetrate, and MSM covers it up; e.g.: truck parked in Riverside Co. under the protective eyes of city police, Co. sheriffs, and U.S. Forest Service…What happens to torn-up children ?/Why are most Funeral Parlors run by multigenerational families ?…Wake Up. “They” Run the Show. #’s: Almost All Senators, Almost All Governors, Most of Congress. Swiss Univ. Study: 300 “people” rule the corporate/banking world, hence, the World.100% of Them…Biggest mistake by “normal” people is failing to realize that “they” are PROUD, not ashamed; e.g.: NAMBLA Marches in the Streets, Adopts Children…Imp. Ex.: when Alefantis threatened the Pegasus Museum investigator by way of phone text, he talked repeatedly about “your culture”, in contradistinction to his own. He stated that he “didn’t like kids.” He told the truth. To him and those who practice the inverted Arts, they are a disposable means to an end. Nothing more. Devoid of LOVE. MT

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