2050: JAPAN NOT CHINA Will be Asia’s DOMINANT Power

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from Black Pigeon Speaks:

2050: JAPAN NOT CHINA Will be Asia’s DOMINANT Power



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  1. cloudy

    December 19, 2017 at 7:12 am

    “Japan” belongs to “The Righ Heart”. Atomic Weapons were used against “Hiiroshima” & “Nagasaki”. Those were against Humanity but they were correctly used against The Bushido Crowd. After all, ever heard one word of remorse from said Bushido Crowd? You jest! When will “The Japanese” learn? Perhaps never, although there are very many good & benevolent “Japanese-Humans”. All Humans being The Same, there was not supposed to be divisions along racial & national lines other than to categorise humans as being saintly or devilish. Japan, being at “The Right Heart”, the same as Germany, is NOT where The “Chinese-Russian”/Brain is. In fact, “Japan” /The-Right-Heart is below N&S America/The-Cervical. Should The Right Heart takes precedent over The Brain, that, perhaps, is time for “Armageddon”.

    Humans, who without ONE single exception, were Evolved from Lifeless Rocks, are different from The Animal Kingdom in that Humans are able to Really “Think”. And when it comes to “Thinking”, there are 2 different types of “Thoughts”. That of The-Past/”Emotionality”/Subjectivity and The-Future/”Material-Intellect”/Objectivity-Projectivity. Be aware that there is NO such thing as “Thought” within The Present. Where there is “Water”, there will be Humans. “Water” could neither be created nor destroyed, the “Water” consumed being as old and those Lifeless Rocks.

    “Lao-Tze”, a Divine Incarnation of The Principle of Self-Mastery , namely, The Religion/Beat that has NO Religion-Religiosity/Percussion, aka The Religion Within that is every Human’s Valency [of 10], mentioned the 4 States governing EVERY Human, namely:

    The-Left is “Inactivity-resulting-in-Inactivity”. That of “SuperEgotism”/Depression/”Hydrogenation”;
    OTOH, The-Right is “Superficial-Activity-resulting-in-True-Inactivity”. That of “Egotism”/Aggression/”Oxygenation”;
    The Balance/”Complementing”of The-Left&Right results-in “Mere-Activity”, or The Centre, which EVERY Human needs to realise/”Evolve-towards” before becoming;
    The-4th-State, which is “Real/Absolute-Activity”, which is the result of Effortlessness/Energy-Creativity. That of “Inactivity-resulting-in-Activity”.

    The Ancients realise the above, much like modernday children are seemingly very “knowledgeable”. Like it or not, your child can tell you things you will never, ever, know, when you were his age.

    In other words, in order to arrive at Energy Creation, or Effortlessness, there can be NO Effort/”Thought”. This is because The Energy Creator was already in existence before ANYTHING had existed, there being NO such thing as, for example, “Knowledge” when it was True/Absolute-Knowledge who was The Origin of EVERYTHING.

    “Endorphins” are “derived”/generated when, for example, there is NO Thought like when “Stroking a Dog”. Namely when self is able to become Thoughtless when deriving Thoughtlesssness from Thoughtlessness, per se. Endorphins are also “released” when “Gardening”, “Singing”, “Loving”, etc. – should such activites has ZERO “Thought”/Futuristic-Meanderings. This is when Natural Opiates are released by “Mr Auto” within The Body.

    As ALL “Medicatos” realise at one point or another during their sojourn from mere commoner to becoming “A Medical Professional”, from being A Worshipper to becoming somewhat A Saviour [which somehow, but don’t know how, lacks Leadership Quality other than collecting a very large Monthly-Renumeration and an even larger “Pension”, be those Of-Fame, Fortune And/Or Of-Immortality, “Leadership Quality” being the Quality that stems from being The Benevolent Example], when peering into a microscope and seeing Cellular Division, a true miracle, said Saviourhip-Issue is able to say, “Wonder what others will say”, when The Saviourship Joker, somehow but don’t know how, is able to spilce some “Cells” and “Create” new Cellular Types for “curing”, This, That, & The-Other. BUT NOT when The Body miraculously cures Itself when allowed-to.

    In addition, how come The Vast Majority prefer to “Trust” instead of Being Fair? You know, preferring to be “Cured” instead of NOT being “addicted” resulting in the need to be “cured”. No wonder jokers within The Tobacco Industry were able to fool The Vast Majority with their Cigarette/”Scientific” Adverts for so long. The Present Day is when The Populace are not allowed to “smoke” within Medical Establishments. Yes, better late than never. Befooling? You mean like “Taxing” before “Crediting”. How many times does The Populace needs to be taxed to oblivion before realising that “Living Within The Means” is The Reality? After all, Dat Thang Over Thar now wants more of Da Looting. No wonder “Road Tax” is having the means to have First Dibs at The Looting before that Long Line of “Mee Toos” have their Fair Share. Before returning some of “The Road Tax” to benefit Real Road Users, that is. Hands up those in Central Governmented who would like to Disagree. Yous wanna lock me up? Bet yore pals at MisserSoftee and Googly-Ga knows All About me too.

    Be aware [but how?] that Evolving from Lifeless Rocks to A Thinking Human is NOT True/Real Evolution. It is when A Human is able to NOT Think other than Realising/Becoming-Of Energy-Creation, that Real/Final Evolution is realised. BUT NOT when The Vast Majority are unable to realise that not only The Spiritual is Intangible, said Vast Majority are unable to realise that Thought is also Intangible, Knowledge being for Becoming and not merely for Knowing/Owning. And not only that, but Thought/”Knowledge” is retained when gifted and yet The Vast Majority are unable to gift their Thought without exchanging it for Fame, Fortune and/or Immortality. Pleeze g_d!. Yes, if only you could get vun penny for every Thought! And what is “Fame, Fortune & Immortality?” Hands up those who need to Ask/”Be-Told”.

    As such, since The Energy Creator exists, DO NOT try to change The Other other than changing self. Without completing successfully this first step, not only is there no real change but self is then “Equally Guilty” without having Done The Deed. You know, Guilt by Association. Without Becoming Truly Benevolent, Love/”Endorphins” cannot be realised. Like it or not, Love Will Conquer All. This is because The Divine is BOTH Truth/”He” & Love/”She”, The Expression of Truth being Love. In other words, DO NOT REACT/”Judge”/”Control”, there being NO such thing as Control when that is merely Abandonment.

    Only A Very Tiny Minority will be able to realise what is being said. But then, Evolution began with Lifeless Rocks. It might take “Generations” to realise it but Love Will Conquer All, with jokes like “Thuderbolt& Lightning”, “Fire& Brimstone”, and so forth being the preserve of Control-Freaks-cum-Abandonments. Just look at “History” and see how Humans have changed from “Barbaric Killers” into today’s, “Airy-Fairy, Lovie-Doveys”. Swinging from “Right”/Aggression to “Left”/Depression, bypassing The Centre because The Vast Majority are unable to tangibilise The Present. Without Living Within The Means, there is no such thing as Change. This is because Living Beyond The Means merely liberate Greed, which is Fear-in-Progress.

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