Shamans, Demons & Hollywood – Jay Dyer

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from Jay Dyer:

Shamans, Demons & Hollywood – Jay Dyer on Legalize Freedom


Greg Moffitt of Legalise Freedom invited me on to discuss the spiritual realm, the possibility of demons in relation to the fractured and traumatized psyche, ritual occultism and abuse, and the cryptocracy. How far do the oligarchs take occultism? Is it just a hoodwink, or are there really entities that can possess an individual? Is David Rockefeller just a pragmatic atheist? We take some interesting philosophical twists and turns here, outlining the rationalism and scientistic reductionism of modernity as more superstitious than ancient views. From there, we discuss some topics of my lecture at the Secret Space Program in relation to Hollywood and various science fiction tales like Dr. Who and Fantastic Planet that reveal strange facts about the oligarchs and their parasitic proclivities.

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