MUST HEAR TRUTH: 7,500 BLANK Pages Delivered By Fusion GPS

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from George Webb:

Day 20 Warmup. 7,500 Blank Pages Delivered By Fusion GPS Tells Pee Pee Dossier Is a Fraud


Day 20 – Warmup 2. Awans To DNC To Fusion To Podesta To Hillary For America

Day 20 Warmup 3. How Often Did HFA Sweep Data and Funds From DNC Beginning Sept 2015

Day 20.1. DNC Leaks Cover Data Movement, Podesta Leaks Firewall Off Wrong-doing From Brazille

Day 20.3. Court Report – Motley Springfield,Va Armored Cars Link to Safe Armor UAE Awan Company?

Day 20.4. HFA Has Cleared the Bernie Money, May 5th, Call Crowdstrike To Clean DNC Servers, Release

Day 20.5. Hillary’s Ratlines – All For America

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