The Route 91 Harvest 2d Shooter – Observation

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from MrCati:

The Route 91 Harvest 2d Shooter – Observation


This report will show and discuss the images that many think proves that a 2d gunman was inside the Route 91 Harvest Music grounds, firing his weapon into the crowd. The video segment studied and observed was slowed down to 1FPS, and in doing so, it proves that there are no muzzle flashes, but instead a flash light being turned on and off, that many think proves a gunman was firing into the crowd. Since there are no muzzle flashes and no recorded gun shots, synchronized to any muzzle flashes, it proves that the person shown as a person of interest is not a true suspect, but most likely a Law Enforcement type, doing his difficult job, in the midst of chaos and mayhem.


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