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Las Vegas Shooting… Something’s Not Right! Look For The Signs!

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from Justincredible Things:

Las Vegas Shooting… Something’s Not Right! Look For The Signs!


Our nation is in mourning right now flags at half staff. We’re in a time of reflection, a time of loss, sadness, confusion and wonder. How did this happen… how have things gotten this bad? The worst shooting in our nation’s history… during a time of such happiness. It’s truly a shame that this is the world we live in now! Not knowing when something like this might happen. Not being able to trust those around you. Being able to enjoy life with your family without wondering if this could be the last. It’s truly a sad time in my heart and prayers go out to those dealing with this tragic incident. Unfortunately this is where my story just begins now it’s time to look at what’s been presented to us… check the facts… look in between the lines. The stories not adding up…another false-flag, MK Ultra, production? Whatever way you want to look at it, something’s not right here! We’ve seen it happen before with 911 and other incidents… the stories just not adding up! We are presented one thing…when in reality something totally different has happened. Never am I saying this event and loss of lives didn’t happen…just saying we’re not getting the real story here. We must always fight for the Truth!!! Never just going along with what we know is wrong! If some will hate me for that …then I accept it and understand where they are coming from. This is a battle I will never give up! Not just for me but those lives that were taken and for the future of our children…we owe them this! Please take a look for yourselves do your own research..! The truth is a battle we can never quit on! Thank you so much everyone for always supporting me and helping with through this journey… couldn’t do it without you all! Stay safe stay blessed and always keep prepared my friends!


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