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2nd Vegas Shooter Caught On Video!! — More Evidence Against Lies

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from Justincredible Things:

Another Vegas Shooter Caught On Video Not At The Mandalay! Updates And More Evidence Against Lies


NOTE: You can see the location of what is likely ANOTHER shooter starting at the 12:25 mark!

We are always given a story by the powers that be and told to believe it. Never look outside that box and just believe. Never Question what is truth. They don’t want a Nation or world of thinkers but a world of followers… that just do what they are told! Don’t think for yourselves , just go with what your told! If we think like that living in the matrix they have created… we will never know the truth! In this video you will see more evidence going against what we have been told. Thoughts of a Marine on what he heard. More on the press conference and how it doesn’t add up. Down to another shooter being spotted…and not at the Mandalay!!! Now we see the story changing…and I can’t help but think the truth community had something to do with it! We must always keep the pressure on never stopping and just believing what we’re told. We’ve seen all too many times what they are capable of and what lies they will tell! Remember everyone…this is a movement we must do together !!! United we stand divided we fall!!! Also here you’ll find the link to the full press conference https://youtu.be/HkOdPK0Qgv8 Thank you very much everyone for all your support feedback and comments! If you have any questions or information please contact me at Justincrediblethings@gmail.com … Please everyone Stay Safe Stay Blessed And Always Keep Prepared! Keep fighting for the Truth!!!

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