Untaught History: Inbred Psychopath Bloodlines · David & Samantha Cameron

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from Abel Danger:

Untaught History: Inbred Psychopath Bloodlines · David (HSBC) and Samantha Cameron


Abel Danger has provided extensive research on history that will never reach dumbed down text books for brainwashing our children. AD is at the forefront of exposing the City of London’s 108 Livery Companies, Patent Pools, escrow law firms (KPMG), pedophile lust and the numerous links set up by these psychopathic bloodlines with their Jesuit trained cohorts to attempt a second Nazi coup de etat of the United States, which is documented to be a corporation of these oligarchs and high priests of Babylon. Through history and their aptitude to exploit usury they seek dominance of life and spirit.

Remember the Astors, from the Livery Company of Skinners, are one of thirteen bloodlines mentioned by Fritz Springmeier. If viewers find this history helpful, please comment and more attempts may be made to expose the vile nakedness of these parasites.


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  1. Kerry Bindon

    September 30, 2017 at 12:49 am

    Plz keep the planet up 2 date with this investigation of the Achilles heel of the nefarious satanic control of our sacred. mother earth by the less then 1 percent that have lost the right to rule anything letalone the 99 percent of humanity that are innocent of all their crimes against them

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