Humanity refuses to accept the consequences of an unsustainable civilization

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from TheHealthRanger:

Humanity refuses to accept the consequences of an unsustainable civilization


The Health Ranger explains why humanity seems completely unable to embrace the truth about the unsustainability of human civilization.


Americans are totally UNPREPARED for emergencies or disasters

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  1. cloudy

    September 13, 2017 at 5:29 am

    The Body, managed dynamically via the myriad of interlinked Control & Feedback Systems by “Mr Auto”, is ALL About Living Within The Means. OTOH, when said Body is managed [literally] statically by Da Medics and other Agencies of Materialism, aka Frivolous & Nonsensical Thinking, that is ALL About “Robbing Peter To Pay Paul”. That of Living Beyond The Means.

    Realise it or not, this method of existing usually translates to “Colonisation”. To be exact, that means via Enslavement/Plunder/Lying/Cheating/”Uniting Zist, Zat, und zer Other”/Electioneering/”Democrazy”/etc.. You know, playing The Game of Life via Musical Chairs, aka “I’m Alright Jack”. That of controlling The Vast Majority [of The Good] by The Vast Minority [of The Bad] using some of The Good. As good a Ponzi Scheme as they will come.

    Hands up those who would like to Disagree. Bet you, somehow but don’t know how, is one of The Lucky Few. You know, somehow but don’t know how, “Lottery” ALWAYS favours YOU! You lucky so & so. More so when “Justice” in anchored upon Who You Know and not What You Know although The Modern Era of Kolliding and other forms of “godding” is changing The Business Model to being dependent on “Clouding”/”Rental”/Perpetual-Income and not on Ownership. Yippee & Yeehaw when one’s spouse is “rentable”. All then, bow to Tojo Inc, The Robotic Tentacle of The Bookie. “Yous likee zat vun? She’s is “rentable” for a mere 5k yen every time. Knowz What Ah Means?

    But wait a mo. How come humans, on realising Reality, also realise that he does not need much to “survive”? You know, when there is no need to deny Addiction, somehow but don’t know how, there is also no need to be “Aggressive”/Controlling-“Depressive”/Abandoned either. But not when Da Mistress needs her hair done, her manicures attended-to, her Flat In The Middle of Town needs renting, The Yacht needs its “partying-supply of chemistry” in addition to paying The Crew, Diesel and more ! Much, much, more. Whilst not forgetting to mention that $50k Heart Operation “fees” and the endless supply of Medications until Doomsday !!. Now, ain’t that a mystery. Yes, let’s Bomb The Hell Outta That Lot first before the next Meeting !!

    When one is Living Beyond The Means, one had better ensure that Da Evil Over Thar is well “supplied”. Knowz What Ah Mean! For that to happen, new methods of Taxing & Crediting had to be devised or else Living Within The Means will come knocking on one’s door fast. But guess what? Dats no Problemo when The Energy Creator exists – except that He, through She, is never joking. You know, when Truth is not about Bending Truth, aka Knowing some Truth, other than Becoming The Truth. After all, when telling The Truth, one has to be Truthful first. No problem when Liars are dishing out “Peace Prizes” to War Mongers. Of course. “Next ….. und zat vill be, say, 30$, pretty pleeze !!”

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