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Why Are People So Obsessed with the Upcoming Solar Eclipse?

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from Truthstream Media:

Why Are People So Obsessed with the Upcoming Solar Eclipse?


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  1. cloudyswift

    August 18, 2017 at 6:18 am

    The following is what had eluded many, if not ALL, which is that:

    Knowledge is not for Information/”Knowing”/”Told-You-So !”, Knowledge is for Becoming/Being. This then means that self-Realisation is The Point whereas Informing is All About Another, aka Saviourship, which is none other but Worshipping-in-Progress.

    If true [and it is The Truth but how will “Thinkers” be able to realise so? Certainly not by ‘Finking-About-Eet] It also means that Thinking, [especially the Frivolous & Nonsensical variety … but then, what constitutes Frivolity & Nonsense?] is a wasteful process of “Materialism”/Ownership-Issue. Be conscious and be aware, then, that Right & Wrong is All About Being Materialised. When Who You Know over-rides What You Know, then not only is there NO [Real] Justice, Reality then depends entirely on Relativity/Relativism.

    Be informed then that “Frivolous&Nonsensical”/Materialistic Thinking is the so-called “Anti-Christ”, the latter being every F&N Thinker’s Closest[/“Invisible”] Enemy. If true, then Knowledge stemming from “Bricks & Mortar” is limited to “Bricks & Mortar”. This is because there is NO [as in ZERO] way for The Materialised to realise/”see” The Spiritual.

    As such, efforts like Dem Multi-Zillion Kollider is just another very expensive/”legalised-thievery” Con Game. You know, beecuz some joker, after having gen-ed-up on “Science”, is able to befool some Stupido-Dumbo Scientifically Ignoramus Koffer-Komptroller to part with Stolen Resources, aka “Taxation & Credits”, for funding some materialistic extravaganza. Yes, after Kolliding, come “Dark Matter” and other Relatives.

    Be informed then that after having gotten nowhere in his quest for The Theory of Relativity, “Einstein” began playing with Soap Bubbles and then suddenly, from “The Torsional Area”, came The Theory of Relativity. Just like “The Buddha”, after having searched hither-thither without success for God-Realisation, it was when He then rested His Minds “under The Banyan Tree”, that The Power of God, aka Love The Almighty, then gave Him God-Realisation/”Absolute-Knowledge”.

    Medical Science is NOT going to save/”lengthen-the-useable-lifespan-of” many of The Medically/”Scientifically” Damaged. Not when The Torpedo which will sink The SS Humanity happens to be Medical Science/”Insurance”. Not when The Victim happens to be The Thief. As such, factually-telling leading to blind acceptance/”faith”, aka “Worshipping”, will only go so far. It is ONLY through self-Realisation that absolute self-Respect/”Forgiveness” is then possible. Reality, therefore, is ONLY posssible when The Desire for Purity is realised. Be informed, then, that Respect/”Forgiveness” is absolute ONLY when it pertains to self, aka The Beginning & The Ending.

    Some Yankee Do-Da-Dandy might freely offer Uncle-Sammy’s Dollah Notes to some “Native” but unless The Hungry realises the means to obtaining real-food, giving said Hungry some food is useless in the long run. Everyone realises so but why then so few are able to do so? Because few are able to realise The Desire for Purity. You know, the bit about The Victim being The Thief. More so when Addicition is The Undeniability of self-Damaging.

    And why would anyone wants to Damage self? You know, when the self-Damaging is For No Good Reason. Even diehard Masochists damage themselves for a reason. When a puppet finally realises that his puppetry is due to being Tethered/”Controlled” by some Puppet Master, like “Pinocchio”, perhaps, The Desire to be Finally/Absolutely Free might be overwhelming. Hands up those who would like to be so freed. Perhaps beginning-with The Desire to Be Free is a head start. The subject might veer towards Infinity/Yakity-Yakking/”Chit-Chatting” when allowed-to, but unless and until self has The Desire for Purity, nothing will get started. This is where Orators/”Politicians”/”Preachers”/”Geni-Asses” and similar ”Saviours” have their headstart. Yippe & Yeehaw, hier zhey kommer !

    Be informed then that not only does The Energy Creator exists but HE happens to be Of-Benevolence/Benevolent too. Not only does The Real Capitalist exists, HE happens to be The Real Communit too! Tell that to Geni-Asses in Da Military Academies with their associated Politiko Donkeys/Donkettes. You know, those who use their “Thinking” for the sake of Nazism/”Aggression”. For thier Number-Oneness. Is this some kind of joke?

    Be conscious and be aware that another name for “The Anti-Christ” is The Joker, there being 2 realms to F&N Thinking. That of The Past, aka “Femininity” or Emotionality/”Depression”/”Conditionings” and The Future, aka “Masculinity” or Egotism/”Aggression”/”Intelligence”. Like it or not, there is NO [as in ZERO] F&N Thinking within The Present. This is because when there is Energy Creativity, Donkey & Donkettes like Aggression, Depression, Intelligence, Emotionality, and so forth is about, “Trying to Become Another”. That of Relativity trying to become Reality. A Real Joke if any.

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