The Trump “Fire and Fury” Observation

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from MrCati:

The Trump “Fire and Fury” Observation


This report shows and discusses the coded contained in the recent Donald Trump media report, where Trump is stated as warning N. Korea of “Fire and Fury” as a response to the current actions of N. Korea, on the world stage.

Contained in the two words and phrase, is a cryptic and coded message of response to N. Korea’s, Kim Jong Un and the NWO elements working with N. Korea in secret and in the background, to achieve a one world govt. and New World Order where 9-23 as a future date, is the key ritual date when the NWO succeeds and begins their one world govt.

The Trump message is coded so as to give a warning to the NWO elites, that Trump somehow, knows he and his 24 group will be victorious in the days that lead us to 9-23 and 9-24, a date associated with the 24 group as their future date of success, over the current evil 9-23 group.

Events are still leading us towards 9-23 and this Fire and Fury warning serves as future warning to the NWO elites, that on the key date of 9-23, Trump plans to give the globalist elites Fire and Fury.

Background Sources and Links:

Fire and Fury

N.Korean Invasion Map
March 2013

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