The Aaron Rich 1122/33 9-22 Observation

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from MrCati:

The Aaron Rich 1122/33 9-22 Observation


The newly found code observed in the name of Aaron Rich, is directly related to the recent Charlottesville, VA protests, where the numbers of the car tags showed 1111 and 1122 and which were found to be linked to the Charlottesville Protests, backed by Soros funded protesters and directly related to the upcoming Black Sky, with ritual colors of Black over Pink, the colors associated with ANTIFA, a declared terrorist organization.

The Aaron Rich findings stem from watching a video that will be covered in this report and which is significant in that it shows Aaron Rich to be the beneficiary of a recent legal decision, giving Aaron Rich legal control over all of Seth Rich’s business and personal affairs.

It is my suspicion that this new legal status that will somehow be used by Aaron Rich to claim the Seth Rich laptop and or cell phones that are reported to be in the custody of the Washington, DC, PD and or the FBI, but which are currently claimed to be misplaced property.

The new legal status will allow Aaron Rich to do many legal matters that could be indicators of motivations and or the true rationale for why from the beginning, Aaron Rich has acted and spoken oddly about certain matters relating to Seth Rich, his supposed dead brother.

As a result of this new legal status rendered to Aaron Rich, it will necessitate a closer examination of Aaron Rich.

Background Sources and Links:

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