Proof of God and His Intelligent Design

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from RichieFromBoston:

Proof of God and His Intelligent Design


Just some images and Thoughts on whats happening and how to see God design all around us.

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  1. cloudy

    August 14, 2017 at 5:43 am

    ModernDay Humans are afflicted by their “Thought” so that The Vast Majority are unable to absolutely distinguish between Reality, aka Benevolence, and Relativity, aka Malevolence, – other than Guessing/”Gambling”/”Finking-About-Eet”. No wonder jokers always try to sell “Insurance” with their “Loss-Leading” Robotico-Cheapo. You know, “insurance” with yore cheapo microwave from “China” and no wonder “Wining & Dining” is par for the course. You know, when “A Little self-Poisonoing”/Inebriation is soo Ooh-La-La beecuz then, The Piroueeting in near-naked costumery is AOK/soo-sophisticated.

    The above might seemed a joke too far but what if it is Reality? Yes, better keep yore Fingars Trebly Crossed. More so when climbing into yore “self-Driving Car” to “Home, Mucky”. Und Dem Pesky Sun Spots had better not ruin the evening of Frivolity & Nonsense. After all, those GPS satellites are quite costly you know ! Really? You mean when The ModernDay Business Model is Rental/”cloud”-based and not Ownership/”self”-based. When humans are cheaper to “run” than robots. Be aware, then, that The Robotic Arm of The Bookie is … Tojo Inc. [and not so much Foxy Con-Gaming].

    Be aware, then, that since EVERY heart-beating and breathing human on Earth do not own his Body other than being “loaned” his Body for the duration of his “lifetime”, ALL humans not only have to “Die”, but humans are easily more complicated than mere komputarised algorythmics. Don’t believe it/Can’t see it? Ask yore Scientifico Master to produce merely the equivalent of an eye, say. Not even Robotico’s/“Canon’s” equivalent daylight breakthrough in near-complete darkness is a match. And jokers imagine that being able to Sprout A Seed by having some Earth is the same as “DNA Manipulation”. Be aware, then, that Stupidity, aka Egotism/”Aggression”, is merely The Expression of Dumbness/”Femininity”, aka Conditionings/”Depression” [with Dumbnesss merely being The Suppression of Stupidity/”Masculinity”].

    There are 2 Existential Realms. One is “Spiritual”/non-Material and the other completely Malterial[ised]. The caveat then is that The Flow of “Information”/Reality is ONLY one-way. From The Spiritual, aka Energy-Creativity, to The Material, aka Energy-Transformative, with The Flow from The Material to The Spiritual being NON-EXISTENT. [Be conscious and be aware, “incanations of Jesus Christ” and similar Ding, Dong Merrily on Highs.] This is when The Materialised Insane, like “Psycho-Zist, Zat, und zer-Other”, uses their insanities like “Institutes of Advanced Learning” to over-power The Sane [who are able to realise The Spiritual] via “Tricks of The Trade” like “Hallucination” to confine/consign The Sane [mostly forevah] into “Mental Insitutions”. Talk about Confidence “Games”/Tricks. It cannot get better than this – Fingars Trebly Crossed. [Yes, “Pleeze g_d, let me die first before I am exposed !”]

    Be aware too [but how?] that The Spiritual is not about “Worship” because when “Worship” is blind-blind, aka based on Faith, that is merely Saviourship-in-progress. You know, when Worship-Saviourship are merely The Different Faces of The Same Coin. When Worship-Saviourship are merely separated/”divided” by “Time & Space”. That of Relativism.

    The Spiritual, in Reality, is ALL about being able to be Singularly Natured. Humans, being The Multiplicity of Nature, meant that NO human is able to be Singularly Natured, aka being absolutely Energy Creative. The Spiritual, realises this Reality “Before The Advent of The Big Bang”, is then so Forgiving, aka Loving, Love being The Flow of Truth, [Truth being The Embodiment/Personification of Forgiveness], that so long as The Multiplicity of Natured indicates that he has The Desire for Purity and then puts that into action by “Meditating”/”Caring”/”Loving”, The Energy Creator will then “Share” His Energy-Creativity with the human/Energy-Transformer. You know, when The Real Capitalist becomes The Real Communist. This is what being absolutely Religious is ALL About. It is not about Finger-Pointing/Absolutely-Disrespecting. Without [Absolute] Love, there is ONLY Energy-Destruction, aka “The Second Coming of Jesus Christ”.

    The truly intelligent are aware that disrespecting another, aka being “Angry”, is a myth. This is because disrespecting one-self Begins & Ends with self. More so when “Anger” is merely “The Other Face of Guilt”. You know, when Anger-Guilt are merely The Different Faces of The Same Coin. When Anger is merely Guilt separated/”divided” by “Time & Space”. When [Absolute] Respect is not separable into disrespect-of-self, aka “Guilt”, or the disrespect-of-another, aka “Anger”.

    But guess what The ModernDay Scientifico does best, This Joker then sez that misBehaviour, aka disrespect-of-self, is easily correctable via “Pill-Popping”. Really? You know, when “Supplements” work. Yipee & Yeehaw too. How is “Bitcoin” @ $20k going, then? You mean when Bitcoin @ $100k merely buys more rioting & rampaging and some “Nuclear Impenetrable Tunnel”. How did humans became Greedy&Fearful by calling Greed-Fear “progress”? You know, when Progress is being able To Pass The Buck to Progeny for Full & Final Settlement. How did Humanity became this Stupid-Dumb? Perhaps it is beecuz one is able to buy one’s annualised Saviour by merely queueing around the block, come Rain or Shine, via “borrowing” in order to buy the zoomingly priced Gadgetry? No wonder the joker has to “go”, fancy Jarmen Karriage or not.

    DO NOT “Finger-Point”/Disparage for the simple reason that being Singularly Natured means Either Or. As said, “You are Either With Me or Against Me”. Finger-Pointing is “Thought”’s way of ensuring that self is similarly Guilty [via being Angry] without having actually Done The Deed. Love is the ONLY way. This is because when The Energy Creator exists, there is no need to be ANYTHING else but Loving, which is Forgiving.

    Forgiveness, which Begins and Ends with self, is the means by which “The Problem” is then “Forwarded to The Energy Creator for Final Resolution”. If true [and it is The Truth but how will self be able to realise so?], do not assume that simply by “Thinking About It”, It Will be Done. Not when Others then have to Do All the Bullet-Stopping & Dying.

    “Thinking About it” is “The Anti-Christ”. Without being able to realise so, there is only “godding”. Something that “goddites” do best. Let “Sleeping Dogs Lie” and “Let Them Do Their Worse” whilst you do your best. Love is to [seemingly] Blindly Accept. That is not so when self is able to preceive/”see”/realise that The Energy Creator exists. Love does not Blindly Accepts. Love is She who Unconditionally Accepts because She is The [em]Power[ment] of Truth. When Femininty & Masculinity are One and The Same. That of Truth & The Flow of Truth. The Sun & Sunshine. The Word & Its Meaning. They are One & The Same.

    Power and The Expression of Power. Unlike humans whereby The Expression of Power is via Gullibility/Lies/Mesmerism/”Stupidity-Dumbness”. Something that “Thinking”/”Thought” do best, “Thought” being The Layer called “Egotism-Conditionings” which separates/”divides” The Brain from “Heaven”/The-Divine. Due to the fact that The Material is absolutely unable to realise The Spiritual [regardless of “Colliding” sorts of Frivolity & Nonsense], Knowledge of The Material is limited to “Bricks & Motar” whereas Knowledge via The Spiritual is “Unlimited”/Infinite , like it, realise it, or not. After all, “Time & Tide Wait for No one”. Truth cannot be changed – regardless of any goddite/”scientifico”/”the-thoughtful”. So is Innocence/”Gravity”. This is because Gravity was created before The Advent of The Big Bang for “supporting” Truth.

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