Spiritual Warfare


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from Dayz of Noah:

HOW MEDIA SHAPED THE GENERATIONS: Narcissus Narcosis & The New Age (2017)


Part 2C, of a 3 Part Series.

CORRECTIONS: Jimmy Hendrix allegedly died of complications with barbiturates, not opiates. (key word, “allegedly”)


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  1. cldyswft

    August 15, 2017 at 8:40 am

    Realise it or not, The [Human] Body has 3 distinct zones. “The Left”, or one’s “Femininity”/Emotionality, is Of Hydrogen and is Of Carbohydrate. OTOH is “The Right”, or one’s “Masuclinity”/Egotism, is Of Oxygen and is Of Protein. More revealing is that The Body is mostly Of Water. You know, The Balance between Hydrogen & Oxygen.

    The Centre, which cannot be controlled by any [materialised] human, is one’s ParaSympathetic and is Of Nitrogen, aka Balance [or the balance between Carbs & Protein]. So Food is not just for “Eating”/Consumption but is actually for balancing between one’s Emotionality/”Conditionings”/”Depression” and one’s Egotism/”Aggression”.

    Without being able to realise this Reality, Food Consumption is about Gambling and is why The Scientificos/Medicos can never get it correct. When self is The Blind-Blinded, “Guessing”/Gambling/”Insurance”/Judiciary-Addressing. Something which Dem Scientifico call “We Am Eets”. If only. You know, when goddites are merely self-annointed. Be aware, then, that “Vegens” [or “Vegetarians”] could be mostly self-annointed too, Real Vegetarians being those whose “Left” is Centred. You know, when Love is never, ever, about Expectation or Demand [aka “I’ll Sue”].

    The aforementioned variation is for The Blind-Blinded/”Materialised” to realise that Knowledge is not merely Of “Bricks & Motar”/The-Material, Knowledge is actually that which is Already Known Before The Advent of The Big Bang. No wonder Dem self-Annointed of Modernity are merely Newshounding. You know, those who imagine that they are geni-asses by existence because they are able to read something which went before them without due reference to The Accumulation that went before them. Those who expect & demand that, somehow but don’t know how, by being able to spout some “knowledge”, they will become Famous, Fortunate & Immortalised. Those who forment ”Disgreement”. Those who Finger-Point as if “Evil” is Running Amok over Thar but never, ever, Lurking Within !

    Be conscious and be aware, then, that The View from The Material to The Spiritual is NON-EXISTENT. Especially those who are the [self-]proclaimed “Second Jesus Christ” and similar Frivolity & Nonsense. You know, those who are always yakking-on about being Number One, aka “Nazis” or whose belief-system happens to be “Yankee-Do-Da-ism”. Those for whom Warring/”Fear-of-The-Unknown” is never, ever, ending. And what good will “warning/newsing” do other than for the sake of Fame, Fortune & Immortality? You know, Pontificating being the favourite The Religious.

    Knowledge, as popularised by Materialists, is useless because Knowledge then is merely for Worship-Saviourship. For Cycling-ReCycling. For the sake of Fame, Fortune & Immortality. For Expressing Power via Lying, Cheating, Pontificating, “Lynching” and similar Frivolity & Nonsense. After all, when Another is your Bullet Stopper 101, you can always popularise the dead “Every November”, can’t you? More so by pining “Medals” on those who managed to survive their “Kamikazi” missions. Easy-Peasy when The Stupid-Dumb are merely The Gullibles.

    Knowledge is NOT for knowing, Knowledge is for Realising, with The Knowledge confined to Knowing being for “Popularising”. For Religiosity. For example, “Alcohol Consumption” has ONLY one aim, and that is to make addicts out of The “Curious”/Gullible. To removing awareness. If True [and it is The Truth but not for Alcohol Addicts/”Purveyors”, of course], “The West” is fuelled/driven by Insanity. And The Jokers is out to make The Universe Sane? Shorely, it must be a joke.

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