ACChain Lynette Zang Crypto Currency & The Mark of the Beast

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from Real Speaks:

Explaining ACChain Lynette Zang Crypto Currency & The Mark of the Beast


In the last few weeks major events have unfolded around crypto currencies that clearly show that we are on our way to a New World Order One World Currency… and its digital.  Some are saying that this is the Mark of the Beast System.

Signs include plans of the IMF to use a vehicle called the SDR that will be pegged to a digital currency using the ACChain quantum computing platform.  If you don’t understand what any of this means, that’s ok! This show is meant for beginners to the world of crypto currency. Tivon and Naima do a full breakdown explaining definitions and terms from top to bottom in a way we hope an average person can understand.

Covered in this show: Reviews of Terms like…

Crypto Currency
Gold Standard
256 Bit Encryption
Quantum Computing
Quantum Entanglement

Also included is a review of other commentary from youtubers like:
Andy Hoffman, SGT Report, Rogue Money, Face Like the Sun, Greg Hunter

We give a full run down summary of what Lynette Zang was addressing in her breaking video that caused quite a stir in the world of  youtube financial talking heads.

We dissect the creepy illuminati like symbolism in the promotional videos of ACChain… they are not hiding the fact that they plan to take over the word currencies.

Also we cover China buying land in America turning it into digital currency and the prohibiting American citizens from purchasing it.

Towards the end we round out the show with some interesting spiritual aspects that may add deeper meaning to these events, such as “The Mark of the Beast” fallen angel financial systems and gold alchemy.

All links from the show can be found here:…

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  1. Mike Dull

    December 18, 2017 at 5:42 am

    The coin on the Phoenix bird says TEN Phoenix not TEA. Blow it up and you can see that. The last leg of the N is just not clear on that older picture. Otherwise the article is very believable, even the digitizing of commodities. Thanks

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