Infiltrating the Bohemian Grove 2017 – Investigative Doc

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from End Times News Report:

Infiltrating the Bohemian Grove 2017 – Investigative Documentary


In 2000, filmmaker Alex Jones infiltrated the Grove and recorded footage of the infamous “Cremation of Care” ceremony. Since then, security has been tightened tremendously and the Grove is now brimming with barbwire, video cameras, motion detectors, K-9 units and men with guns.

Can the Grove still be infiltrated with such heightened security? And if so, how might it be done? You’ll find ideas in this mockumentary by Jake Morphonios.

As a legal disclaimer and message to the US Secret Service, the FBI and other federal goon squads, this video in no way advocates for anyone to try to infiltrate the Grove or commit any criminal actions of any kind.

No laws were broken during the making of this film and no globalist swine were harmed.

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