Fourth Estate – Fifth Column Manipulation — Peter Chowka

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from The Official Hagmann Report:

Peter Chowka – Fourth Estate – Fifth Column Manipulation on The Hagmann Report 7/13/17


The propaganda machine is heating up and Fox News/Sean Hannity in particular is in the crosshairs. The Deep State is attacking the truth and those who report the truth – including Sean Hannity.

Doug and Peter discuss this at length, with some inside information exchanged at about 9:30 into the broadcast.

Additionally, the “Single-Payer” Healthcare System is the end-game objective of the Communists. Peter Barry Chowka is an expert in the methods being used to push the U.S. into such a system.

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Insight into the Antichrist – Pastor David Lankford on The Hagmann Report 7/12/17

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