Former CIA-Assassin Chip Tatum: Light On Conspiracies

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from Ole Dammegard:

Light On Conspiracies – Chip Tatum


Ole Dammegård interviews former CIA-assassin Gene Dois ‘Chip’ Tatum – maybe the closest you can get to a real life James Bond. Chip Tatum has an amazing background and history, as an under-cover black op assassin, one of the pilots in the Iran-Contra scandal, a ‘night Stalker-pilot and the commander of the ultra-secret hit team Pegasus, under the direct control of George Herbert Walker Bush, carrying out at least 14 hits in the Western world. His long Special Forces career, also involving falseflag operations, ended with a ludicrous treason prosecution for refusing a direct order from President George H.W. Bush to “neutralize” Ross Perot prior to the 1992 election. During his special ops career, Chip became aware of CIA mind-control, drug running, and assassinations. He survived his run-in with Bush by saving some highly sensitive documents and setting them up to be released in the event of his demise.


Ole Dammegard w/ Max Igan | July 2017

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