Silver’s “Flash Crash” Signals Bottom! (Bix Weir)

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from RoadtoRoota:


Silver’s “Flash Crash” Signals Bottom! (Bix Weir)


In the mid-1960’s a young economist named Alan Greenspan created the 1st ever “electronic asset” using a computer programming language called BASIC invented by his childhood friend John Kemeny. Working closely with the Federal Reserve Bank, the US Treasury and the US Military Greenspan was setup to rig and control capital markets for close to 50 years ensuring that all the benefits of “free money” were utilized and those computer programs are still in use today.

On June 26th as 4am in the morning, someone in the basement computer trading room of the US Treasury clicked a mouse and sold a massive amount of electronic gold and silver on the COMEX driving the price down.

Will this be the LAST time that Alan Greenspan’s original programs and methodologies is used to “control” the gold and silver price?
We will find out soon enough.

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