What Comey Offered a Russian Hacker

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from The Still Report:

What Comey Offered a Russian Hacker


Good evening, I’m still reporting on What Comey Offered a Russian Hacker, 1625
Synopsis: A key role in the Desperate Dem’s plan to injure President Trump has been to claim the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming – and Trump invited them.

But there’s a problem here. There have been no Russian submarines landing on the east coast any time recently – or ever – for that matter. What’s a Desperate Dem to do.
Well, the mastermind behind this Russians are coming scenario was – according to recent reports – the head of the FBI, James Comey. He was given the unenviable task of selling rotten oranges and getting away with it.
Bit by bit now, the truth is just starting to drip, drip out into the light. Two stories have been revealed in the last 24 hours. Comey’s firing caught him completely off guard. Somehow, Trump was able to engineer it so that Comey would be fired while he was out of his office.
Although there are no official reports from within about how that went down in the Headquarters building in Washington, it is not hard to imagine that Trump loyalists in the building made sure that the minute the firing went down – probably before it hit the wires – was that security sealed off former Director Comey’s office. That way, there would be no last-minute massive erasures of hard drives.
Consequently, the word today is that all of Comey’s papers – electronic and otherwise – are now sitting in Jeff Sessions’ office at the Justice Department. And suddenly all of Washington is talking about whether – or when – investigations into the Clinton/Obama crime syndicate will open or re-open.

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