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Infowars Exposed & Debunked Again: COG vs. ZOG Explained

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  1. Seth

    May 2, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Todays article “Infowars Exposed & Debunked Again: COG vs. ZOG Explained” is probably the biggest line of horseshit I’ve heard since CNN. While I agree that ZOG exist and is trying to maintain control. Yes, infowars has this unknowledgeable Achilles Heel like so many people who call themselves Christians when it comes to the John 8:44-47 Jews. But to attack the very ones who have done so much good in fighting globalist is insane. I don’t know who put out this article which is symptomatic as I ask myself, who the fuck are you, where were you during the obango regime and would you rather of had a clintonista or a do nothing neocon or perhaps a brilliant Pegosi or Max Waters in Trumps stead.? I don’t believe Trump is a total loss yet and I am fighting every day to keep him honest but I have to tell you, you would already be dead if killary were pres. I do know that its easy for nobodies to write such babul and hope that you would climb up out of your stupor and HELP instead of criticize those who saved your asses in this election.

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