Macron is a Cuck & Whore for Merkel who serves Islam, the EU & Sharia law

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from Black Conservative Patriot:

Macron Wastes no Time Proving He is a Cuck & Whore for Merkel who serves Islam, the EU & Sharia law


Macron came out to the EU anthem, not the French National Anthem signaling to the Western world and the Middle East that his allegiance is to the globalist puppet masters and not his country. Of course, this should surprise NO ONE as he is the most obvious Rothschild puppet to surface in a long time. He has never been elected to any office and he LITTERALLY is a Rothschild banker. The first order of business for this cuck is to meet with Angela Merkel and start taking orders from her and the Eurocrats in Brussels.

I predict more terror attacks and problems and increased Sharia Law pockets in Paris and France over the next several years.




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