Silver vs. The World (Why I Went ALL IN On Silver)

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from TruthNeverTold:

Silver vs. The World (Why I Went ALL IN On Silver)


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  1. Cmore

    May 2, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    I have some of ur coins. Nice. Just try not to make a case placing numismatic value to it. It has a niche fan base and may scare off investment due to not being recognized as an eagle would. With that said what u don’t make understood is the fact that silver will rise in price as the dollar loses value. Its a balancing act. The upside being as u said psy off ur house because it was valued in dollars prior. Pay off ur bills. Now when u purchase items post dollar devaluation yyou will have to use more silver to buy a new house because the house cost 2 million dollars. Hyperinflation. It would seem prudent to buy into some commodity now aside from silver as these will also cost more….ahhhh the commodities. Greg Hunter mentioned buying into mining shares which so little is spoken about. Ur take?

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