Silver, Gold or Bitcoin?…Will We Need Any of Them? (Bix Weir)

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from RoadtoRoota:

Silver, Gold or Bitcoin?…Will We Need Any of Them? (Bix Weir)


NOTE:  Here’s some analysis of what Bix says in the video:

Hey, Bix you know we love ya, but the high technology utopian society you’re describing could only happen if humanity were to topple the MALEVOLENT dictators that rule this world. Instead of high technology, free energy and the eden earth COULD BE, they want to strangle us with UN Agenda 2030 policies and Bill Gates’ 2050 ZERO emissions tyranny which will turn us all into serfs (unless they give us new forms of energy to replace “fossil” fuels), and all of this will occur as the amazing technology they already control (Pentagon/DARPA) in used to create autonomous killer robots and skynet. Looking at the elite’s roadmap, it appears to me that we are headed toward a dystopian future, rather than the utopian one you’re describing. God Bless! ~ SGT Report

Do we really need money in a technological world where ALL your basic necessities are met?

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