BOMBSHELL: Liz Crokin Fired For Covering Seth Rich Murder!?

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from The Liberty Columnist:

BOMBSHELL: Liz Crokin | Fired by Mainstream Media For Covering Seth Rich Murder!?


After reporting for WND on the Seth Rich Murder Investigation, journalist Liz Crokin was censored and fired abruptly from her position.

Later in the day she was forcibly confronted outside the doorstep of her own home, by a woman carrying a badge and claiming to be a cop that was there to serve Liz her court papers. These papers were dated a full two weeks ago till this date, and represented the trial Liz already was notified of.

Liz asked the woman to leave the papers at the door and LEAVE.

The woman threatens Liz that she better open the door, and that it is the only ‘LEGAL’ way for her to deliver her papers to her.

Upon hearing this womans aggressive pitch, Liz calls her mother and tells her that the woman claimed to be a police officer. As soon as Liz mentions this to her mother, the woman verbally shouts I am not a police officer.

CONTRADICTIONS… Sounded like a luring tactic to me to get Liz outside her door for further questioning, interrogating, or threat or intimidation.

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