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The TRUTH About Syria: Who is Behind the Push for WW3?

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from C. Ervana:

They Won’t Tell the Truth About Syria: Who is Behind the Push for WW3 2017 ?


PLEASE WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO. Many conservative commentators refuse to tell the truth about Syria.
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History shows us that the Deep State has repeatedly falsified intelligence to convince the public that we should go to war. From 2001-2003, a significant amount of propaganda was put out to justify the invasion of Iraq, which we know was all a lie. Why should we now trust the accusations being made against Syria?

The mainstream media has been a tool to propagate a war with Assad. Just as the mainstream media was a tool to propagate a war with Saddam Hussein. Colin Powell, George Tenet, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney told us to have “no doubt” that Iraq had WMDs. Now we are being told the same thing about Syria. Nikki Haley, Rex Tillerson, and other high-ranking officials have used the exact same words (“No doubt” Assad used chemical weapons).

Why is there almost unanimous support among the elites for the bombing of the Syrian air base. Many elites want to go further, and invade Syria by land (using U.S. troops, or course). This would be a dream come true for Hillary Clinton, who promised a ground war with Assad if she was elected. A Wikileaks file from Hillary’s email archive reveals that Hillary was interested in bringing down the Assad regime on Israel’s behalf, and that she was trying to protect Israel’s monopoly on nuclear weapons in the Middle East. It doesn’t sound like Hillary cared about keeping Americans safe; rather she was trying to protect Israel and promote regime change in Syria. It seems Israel is on high alert for strife in Syria: they recently held a military exercise where they evacuated 250,000 people out of the Northern District of Israel. This was one of the largest contingency evacuation plans ever performed in Israel’s history.

But there is much more. Many other parties may be involved in the plot to topple Assad. Sunni groups are interested: including ISIS and Saudi Arabia. ISIS is may actually be strengthened by a campaign against Assad. Saudi Arabia might be in it for the construction of a pipeline that runs through their country. Oil and natural gas executives might be interested in it as well, because Syria is a crossroads for the construction of a pipeline that would provide oil or natural gas to Europe.

Neoconservatives have been interested in the overthrow of Assad for a long time. One family, the Kagans, have long promoted regime change in Syria using U.S. troops. Both Robert and Frederick Kagan penned op-ed columns in the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal encouraging confrontation with Syria and Russia. The Kagans have deep financial and diplomatic ties to Israel.

Another neocon who actively cheerleads for the toppling of Assad is John McCain. John Mccain made a secret trip to Syria in February 2017, just 1 1/2 months before the chemical weapons attack. The last time he visited Syria was in 2013, just prior to the chemical weapons attack that would kill over 1000 people.

A CIA document from 1983 shows that the Deep State has long desired the overthrow of the Assad family from power. In this document, the CIA appeared to be working with Israel and Turkey to achieve that goal. The document shows that the war they were planning with Syria was centered around a pipeline.

Rex Tillerson has claimed that “regime change” is now in the works. Tillerson had previously said that the U.S. would change its policy toward Assad and not demand that he leave his office.

What we are seeing is the makings of a globalist setup and the push for regime change, and many are believing the lie. The mainstream media continues to push for Assad to go. Because it’s a part of the agenda. And the voices (Flynn, McFarland, Bannon) opposing intervention in Syria have been silenced. If this escalates, it could lead to a WW3 confrontation.

An independent journalist named Eva Bartlett exposed the entire agenda of the mainstream, corporate media, and that is to promote regime change in Syria. She also attacked the allegedly neutral White Helmets, who Bartlett claimed the U.S. has funded with 100 million dollars. The White Helmets have repeatedly staged fake rescues of individuals from the rubble, which has served as propaganda for the mainstream media.

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