PizzaGate Protest Over CP Smoking Gun Evidence Inaction

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from Titus Frost:

PizzaGate Protest at DCMP over CP Smoking Gun Evidence Inaction – April 21st


In this video i am trying to raise awareness for a PizzaGate Protest that is going down this Friday April 21st at the DCMP Headquarters in DC. This is to force the DC Police to acknolwedge the evidence of Child Porn found on Comet Ping Pong’s website in the protected section by an Anonymous hacker who contacted me.

The Hacker who submitted the data has had his truck totaled and a man arrested outside his house wearing camo in the middle of the night. The only people who know his address are the authorities, myself and one other YouTuber so, obviously he has been betrayed by the Police.

In the Franklin Credit Union Scandal it was the Police who covered everything up, and I fear we are seeing a repeat of this. So go demand answers and wake more people up in person.

Links for More Research:

CP Found on Comet’s Website: https://youtu.be/TnW7OT6Dkuw

PizzaGate Part 2: https://youtu.be/sQ82gD8VYIo

Our Children Matter, info on the protests: https://www.ourchildrenmatter.net/

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