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Why is China Selling U.S. Treasury’s at an Alarming Rate??

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from FutureMoneyTrends:

Why is China Selling U.S. Treasury’s at an Alarming Rate?


10 Things to Protect, Profit & Expand Your Wealth Under Trump:


  1. Not Disclosed

    November 5, 2018 at 7:51 am

    My social security is not an entitlement. I paid for it through deducuctions from every paycheck that I ever earned in 30 years of working fo this country and private industry. Now I am disabled. But as a white person I am told that I don’t qualify for foodstamps because I own my home (no bank involved) and have a two cars (2007 minivan and a 2008 chevy (NO BANKS INVOLVED). Now its even harder since my 16 year old son, who lives with me took a part time job at a fast food joint. I’m expected to spend his money, too! Social security said I automatically qualify for $100 i foodstamps which the dept of welfare refuses to give to me for the reasons I mentioned). MY POINT IS THAT MY SOCIAL SECURITY WAS PAID FOR BY MYSELF!!! It isn’t an entilement! As for welfare, if our .gov would stop giving away trillions of borrowed dollars to foreign countries (which hate us) then we might be able to afford welfare programs for those who are legitimately qualified AND still pave our streets in gold. If our elected representitives could stop borrowing from our social security it would be solvent! Stop with the greed and averice! You never saw people starving to death in the streets of the USA (think the 1930’s and the great depression). So you have no idea of the suffering our welfare programs have prevented. To be certain those programs are very much abused but its laziness that enables the abuse. Welfare fraud and abuse is easily preventable! There are people who legitimately need the help! A person who makes 50,000$ a year pays 42$ towards welfare programs! Don’t be a jerk. You should be truly pissed off because we all had to pay for corporate bailouts that are almost incalculable. And what of the trillions missing from the defense budgets?! It isn’t my intention to stick up for lazy, able bodied free-loaders here, but you need to get your perspective in order and stop acting like the jerk you are. Stop USAID and corporate welfare before you start banging on the disabled and unemployed. It shows your sociopathy/psychopathy and besides you might lose your cushy job someday and need welfare benefits to survive after the bank takes your fancy home! NOT EVERYONE WHO RECIEVES WELFARE BENEFITS ARE BUMS! AND MANY OF US PAID INTO IT! BUT IF YOU’RE WHITE AND NOT A “RECOVERING DRUG ADDICT” OR ON DRUGS YOU’LL NEVER SEE ANY OF IT! (And you can’t get wealthy on welfare! It isn’t steak and lobster for dinner, EVER!) CHILL OUT!!!

    • Not Disclosed

      November 5, 2018 at 7:56 am

      PS I am a conservative and I voted for the Donald and never voted for a Clinton or Obama! What about you?

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