Trump FAMILY Wiretapped Since 2004! NSA Project Dragnet BUSTED

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from Barry Soetoro:


Trump FAMILY Wiretapped Since 2004! NSA Project Dragnet BUSTED by Corsi & Zullo (Illegal Spying)

Illegal NSA spying on millions of Americans (aka Project Dragnet) gets busted by Jerome Corsi and Mike Zullo. Donald Trump’s family (including ex-wife Ivana, Mar-A-Lago, Golf Clubs and business contacts) were surveilled illegally by NSA starting in 2004 — long before Trump ran for President — thru the 2016 Presidential election.

Alex Jones himself, plus Judges, politicians, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, are in this illegal NSA database of phone records and personal financial data stolen from millions of Americans.

Dozens of illegal wiretaps gathered information from Donald Trump, his ex-wives, daughters, friends and business associates. Did Obama use these illegal wiretaps to sabotage Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign?

Watch to view the wiretap records listing Trump’s NY, CA and FLA phone numbers. What can be done about these violations of the 4th Amendment, and who will be punished for using these illegal searches to destroy American citizens?

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Obama’s WEB ID Tracks You:…

FOX Admits Obama ID FAKE:…

Obama’s KENYA Birth Certificate:…

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