The Lincoln-JFK-Trump and JohnTitor N-Day Discussion

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from MrCati:

The Lincoln-JFK-Trump and JohnTitor N-Day Discussion


This report brings together key component ritual elements needed to support the premise that the future date of 9-22, is coded and ritually associated with the intentional demise of Donald J. Trump, as evidence by recent coded observations and with the new findings, that will include piece elements of code from Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, John G. Trump and John Titor, a self acclaimed time traveler from the future of 2036, sent here to alter the distant future where on a given day, referred to as N-Day, a day when Washington, DC and Jacksonville, Florida are destroyed, which leads to a global world war. This report will also discuss how George H.Bush Sr., leader of the 9-23 cabal, who I suspect is personally involved in eliminating the future of Donald J. Trump, on a date already established as 9-22, the day before 9-23 when the Bush Sr. faction can declare their NWO success over planet Earth. This report is intended for those serious about time manipulation and how the more complex and egotistical patterns of Bush Sr. fit into the complex conspiracy, that I refer to as the mega-ritual, a time manipulation ritual, needed to ensure the future success of the new world order globalist, seeking to control the world for its resources and the complete control of life and death decisions over the masses of the planet that survive the initial day of world change.

Background Sources and Links:
Lightning Strikes Trump Tower




John Titor

John G. Trump -Uncle to Donald J. Trump

JFK Assassination

Lincoln Assassination


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