NWO – United We Stand

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from The Alex Jones Channel:



What would it take to unite the entire world? It’s a famous question that Ronald Reagan posed in the midst of the Cold War.

It is 2018 and Earth is under attack. Nuclear weapons devastate several developing countries. Weaker governments look to the United States to take on the world’s military leadership. Soon even Russia and other powers consider joining the alliance. In humanity’s darkest moments, the dream of a united world seems to be finally coming true.

But throughout human history, man has often been his worst enemy. And history likes to repeat itself.

To find out more about the film, visit www.TomAntosFilms.com/682/nwo-united-we-stand-film

An important part of the Operation Paul Revere contest is the talent search portion and this entry from filmmaker Tom Antos, submitted late for the cash portion, is a great film with very high production values.

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